2017 League Information

This section provides all the details regarding the teams we have entered into the WMDMSL league.

Royals Results

Rebels Results

Date Opponent Venue Result
9th May v TV Tornados NMCC W26-24
16th May @ RG Blue Sox 1 Sol Joel Park L18-23
23rd May v Ba Jets NMCC W15-11
30th May @ TV Typhoons Pinewood Center W10-9
6th June @ Farnham Phoenix Farnham Park L9-10
13th June v Windsor Knights NMCC L16-7
20th June @ Maidenhead Rebels NMCC W30-15
27th June @ TV Tornados Farnham Park W26-13
4th July v RG Blue Sox 1 NMCC W28-12
11th July @ BA Jets Heston W9-6
18th July v TV Typhoons NMCC W17-16
25th July v Farnham Phoenix NMCC L18-11
2nd August @ Windsor Knights Farnham Park L29-14
9th August v Maidehead Rebels NMCC W31-16
Date Opponent Venue Result
9th May @ Windsor Knights Farnham Park L23-3
16th May v Farnham Phoeniz NMCC L25-12
23rd May @ TV Tornados Farnham Park L25-16
30th May v RG Blue Sox 1 NMCC L25-11
6th june v BA Jets NMCC L31-7
13th June @ TV Typhoons Pinewood Center W21-4
20th June v Maidenhead Royals NMCC L30-15
27th June v Windsor Knights NMCC L28-6 L28-6
4th July @ Farnham Phoenix Farnham Park L26-6
11 July v TV Tornados NMCC W23-11 W23-11
18thJuly @ RG Blue Sox 1 Sol Joel Park L18-6
25th July @ BA Jets Hestion L23-20
2nd August v TV Typhoons NMCC L18-3
9th August @ Maidenhead Royals NMCC L31-16

Rascals Results

Date Opponent Venue Result
11th May @ Wildcats Bray L18-23
18th May v Farnham Firebirds NMCC W16-11
25th May @ TV Rattlesnakes Pinewood Center L16-17
1st June v RG Blue Sox 2 NMCC W19-16
8th June v BA Flyers NMCC W18-17
15th June @ TV Hurrincanes Farnham Park W16-1
22nd June v Bracknell Scorchers NMCC W20-15
29th June v Wildcats NMCC L34-9
6th July @ Farnham Firebirds Farnham Park W40-36
13th July v TV Rattlesnakes NMCC L25-5
20th July @ RG Blue Sox 2 Sol Joel Park L21-6
27th July @ BA Flyers Heston W11-8
3rd August v TV Hurricanes NMCC W25-20
10th August @ Bracknell Scorchers Westmoreland Park L14-7