Maidenhead Softball Club

2016 League Information

This section provides all the details regarding the teams we have entered into the WMDMSL league.

Royals Results

Rebels Results

Date Opponent Venue Result
26th April v Rattlesnakes NMCC W7-0
3rd May @ BA Jets Concorde Club L16-22
10th May v RG Blue Sox 1 NMCC L19-8
17th May @ TV Tornados Farnham ParK W21-5
31st May v Farnham Phoenix NMCC W10-9
7th June @ Windsor Knights Farnham Park L11-7
14th June @ Rattlesnakes Ockwells Park W31-7
21st June BA Jets NMCC L16-20
28th June @ RG Blue Sox 1 Farnham Park W18-5
5th July v TV Tornados NMCC W24-9
12th July @ Farnham Phoenix Farnham Park L15-16
26th July v Windsor Knights NMCC W6-4
Date Opponent Venue Result
28th April @ BA Flyers Concorde Club W22-10
5th May v RG Blue Sox 2 NMCC W21-12
12th May v TV Hurricanes NMCC W27-0
19th May @ Farnham Flames Farnham Park W-0
2nd June v Farnham Firebirds NMCC W20-16
9th June @ TV Typhoons Farnham Park L9-24
16th June v Rascals NMCC 18-7
23rd June @ Bracknell Scorchers Westmoreland Park W17-14
30th June v Wildcats NMCC W24-23
7th July v BA Flyers NMCC W12-11
14th July @ RG Blue Sox 2 Farnham Park W15-13
21st July @ TV Hurricanes Farnham Park W28-14
28th July v Farnham Flames NMCC W7-0
11th August @ BA Flyers Concorde Club 2"2-21
18th August v RG Blue Sox 2 NMCC L19-13
25th August v TV Hurricanes NMCC L20-14

Rascals Results

Date Opponent Venue Result
28th April v Bracknell Scorchers NMCC 6-23
5th May @ Wildcats Bray 9-21
12th May @ TV Typhoons Farnham Park 7-12
19th May v Farnham Firebirds NMCC 7-0
2nd June @ TV Hurricanes Farnham Park 34-24
9th June v BA Flyers NMCC 13-11
16th June @ Rebels NMCC 7-18
23rd June v RG Blue Sox 2 NMCC 14-6
30th June @ Farnham Flames Farnham Park 7-0
Date Opponent Venue Result
7th July @ Bracknell Scorchers Westmoreland Park 4-19
14th July v Wildcats NMCC 10-35
21st July v TY Typhoons NMCC 7-19
28th July @ Farnham Firebirds Farnham Park 34-21
11th August v Bracknell Scorchers NMCC L21-9
18th August @ Wildcats Bray L25-9
25th Augist @ TY Typhoons Farnham Parl L7-0
1st September v Farnham Firebirds NMCC W7-0