Maidenhead Softball Club

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ClubMark Status


March 2018 - Update.

ClubMark Status Achieved.


March 2018

All Requirequments submitted and accesst. Waiting On Sport England to do final quality check before award.


November 2017

All the core requirement has been submitted of these, 15 of the 24 have been assessed and passed. We are on the homeward leg. A Site visit is planned for January to complete the submission of the final requirements.


Septemnber 2017

Working towards reaccreditation under the new Sport England criteria.


14th August 2013 - ACHIEVED

It become official yesterday when our name appeared on the BSUK site. After a number of months work the club has achieved one of it's key goals for this season.


26th July 2013

All the requirements have been met and BSUK National Development Manager, Will Lintern, has signed the official page in the ClubMark evidence folder.


13th May 2013

BSUK National Development Manager, Will Lintern, visited the club to review the facilties, the sessions and the evidence folder. As a result the club needs to submit a set of minutes from the next committe meeting with our Youth Office present to complete the Accreditation. We plan to have this completed to achieve final sign off in June 2013.


25th April 2013

BSUK have completed their review of the folder and have scheduled the site visit for May 13th.


15th April 2013

BSUK have done an initial review of the evidence folder. They have requested a few minor text changes to some documents to include new links to BSUK resources. The review should be complete the week of April 22nd. At which point we should find out if we have acheived the accreditation.


25 February 2013.

The latest update on the ClubMark evaulation process is that the club should hear the outcome next week.


8th January 2013.

On January 7th 2013 the club handed off the ClubMark evidence file to the BSUK.  The review process is now in progress and the club is waiting to hear the outcome.


This handoff marks a major milestone in the history of the club and our continued commitment to developing Softball in our area.